Celio's Trains

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Train List

1) JR Series 700-7000 Sanyo Shinkansen "Hikari", 8 cars, light kit. TOMIX.

2) C11 2-6-2 Steam Locomotive, 7 cars, with a special caboose. KATO.

3) JR EF81 "Hokutosei" Electric Locomotive, 4 container carriers. TOMIX.

4) CN EMD SD40-2, 6 closed grain hopper cars. KATO.

5) Eizan Dentetsu 900 "Kirara", 2. KATO.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Japanada 2006

Eizan Dentetsu 900

Here's a close-up of the Eizan Dentetsu 900 "Kirara". This two car set has one row of panorama-facing double seats in each car. It also has high windows and a row of regular window-side single seats. It rides on a single track winding up and down the Kyoto mountains. its a real beauty and a very comfortable ride.

Japanada 2004

A view of the Pagoda Mountain
Kirara on the bridge
Kirara over the river

Here are some early layout shots from November 2004. We began building it in late september. The layout board is 150cm long by 80cm wide, (roughly 1km x 0.8km). It is composed of a half inch playwood base board, with a half inch polyurethane sheet for vibe absorbtion. There are several homes, restaurants, rooming houses, a train station, a forst, a river, small forest and small mountain capped with a Pagoda. The trains we have are: JR Series 700-7000 Sanyo Shinkansen "Hikari"; C11 2-6-2 Steam Locomotive; JR EF81 "Hokutosei" Electric Locomotive; CN EMD SD40-2; and the latest addition on Nov 3rd, Eizan Dentetsu 900 "Kirara" in Maple Red. Goldie and I rode this train back to Kyoto from Kibune this past summer. I felt it was the perfect fit for the Japanada layout.

The layout itself hasn't changed a whole heck of a lot, but we have a lot of plans for this and next year. We're putting the finishing touches on the town, installing the lighting system, and making a transparent cover for it. I think we might sodder the joints as well (maybe).